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Vitamin C Serum made FRESH TO ORDER on day of shipment.  Available in 3 Strengths; 10%, 15% and 20% formulas offered with or without glycerin.

1 oz.

C Serum

  • C serum is a water soluble Vitamin C, an antioxidant that has been known to strengthen collagen, assist in brightening, provide anti-wrinkle effects, smooth skin texture, reduce scarring and heal wounds. C
    serum can treat various skin conditions, such as redness, rosacea, blackheads, dehydration or lack of firmness, wrinkles, dark spots and sunburn. Consistent use may boost the performance and effectiveness of the product when used in your daily skin care regimen. It quickly absorbs to facilitate antioxidants and vitamins into the epidermis which provide protection above and below the skin’s surface. 

    Expected results may be a significant improvement in skin symptoms and conditions for a brighter, more radiant, even toned, healthier and youthful looking complexion. Results are cumulative with continued use. Wrinkles, scarring and sunspots have been known to gradually fade. Has also been known to heal bad sunburns without blistering or peeling. The serum’s vitamin C is an antioxidant that is formulated in smaller molecules that can absorb deep into the skin. Serums do not replace moisturizers, so you will want to keep a good moisturizer in your routine. 

    For the best results, apply this serum after cleansing and then follow up with a moisturizer to seal it in and increase the potency. May be used morning, night or both. Use twice daily for maximum results.

    Ascorbic acid breaks down fast and you want it to be super fresh for maximum absorption. Once the C serum begins to turn yellowish, it is no longer effective and should be discarded and replaced with a new supply. It is normal for the C serum to turn color after a few weeks, due to the oxidation of the ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

    Directions: Squeeze a dropper full into the palm of one hand and use your fingertips of the other hand to spread over your face (avoid direct contact with eyes, rinse eyes with water if any serum gets in them), neck and decollage. Allow to absorb and dry for a few minutes, follow with Hyaluronic Acid/DMAE Serum and then apply Daydream Moisturizing Serum. 


    Ingredients (Distilled water, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Pharmaceutical Grade 100% Pure Ascorbic Acid)

    *NOTE…Because ascorbic acid does oxidize, use caution when using on counter tops to avoid yellowing. Avoid contact with clothing and linens. (Bleach and stain removers have been used to remove the yellowing from lighter fabrics and counter tops…but it may fade darker colored garments or linens.)

    All statements above are for information purposes. Vital Effects Skin Care does not make any medical claims. Products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or ailment. The information provided by Vital Effects Skin Care has not been evaluated by the FDA. All products are intended for Cosmetic Use Only.

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