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Daily Instructions



1) WASH FACE with Fresh Face Daily


2) Apply C Serum to freshly washed skin.  Serums are best applied to skin that is still damp after washing.  Avoid eye area. (I use on my face, neck, chest and backs of hands) Allow to absorb and dry for a few minutes before continuing to Step 2.  A very temporary and slight tingle may be felt.  If irritation occurs, discontinue use and let me know ASAP so that I can replace the bottle with a formula that isn’t as strong.

3)  Apply Peptides Plus or HA/DMAE Serum over all areas that the C Serum was applied.  This serum is safe on the eye area and actually beneficial directly under the eyes and on lids. You may feel slight tightening as the ingredients in these serums do help firm up the skin.  APPLY SPARINGLY, as a LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG WAY!! You will experience product “balling up and rolling off” if too much product is used.


4)  Apply Moisturizer of Choice (Daydream, Skin Tight or Golden Days) over entire face, eye area, neck, chest and backs of hands (and anywhere else you’d like to moisturize). A LITTLE BIT goes a LONG way, so apply sparingly and add as needed to spread over all areas.  This is a fast absorbing oil based serum that is considered “dry” and not heavy or greasy.  It goes well under makeup and acts as a primer too!

5)  Apply Balm Diggity sparingly under eyes and other areas you feel a need to treat.

6) Apply sunscreen of your choice (preferably 30 spf or more)



1)  WASH FACE  with Nourishing Face Wash


2)  Same as Daytime Step 2 Apply C Serum IF you’re not using Night Shift or Golden Dreams


3)  Same as Daytime Step 3 Apply Peptides Plus or HA/DMAE Serum (THIS WILL BE STEP 2 for those using NIGHT SHIFT or GOLDEN DREAMS)


4)  Apply Moisturizer of Choice (Night Shift, Skin Tight or Golden Dreams) to face, neck, chest and backs of hands.  APPLY SPARINGLY


5)  While your C Serum is absorbing and drying OR after you’ve applied Night Shift, apply your Lash & Brow Super Serum.  First use the mascara wand to apply to your upper and lower lashes, then use the included eyeliner brush to apply to your eyebrows and along the baseline of your lashes. (Just insert the tip of the brush into the tube and tilt to cover brush with the serum)  Give this serum a few weeks and you should notice some lengthening, thickening and even regrowth.


6)  Apply Caffeine Eye Serum under your eyes and on your lids.  A LITTLE BIT goes a LONG way.  Just a drop will be enough for one eye area.  Drop into the palm into one hand and apply with the ring finger of your other hand.  I also use this when I first wake up in the morning to help reduce my puffy allergy eyes.


7)  Apply Balm Diggity  if not using Caffeine Eye Serum sparingly under eyes and other areas you feel a need to treat.



Use the scrubs 1-2 times a week on your face and 3-4 times a week on your body…less if your skin is sensitive.



Use as desired.



Use as desired.


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