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Helpful Tips

Are your products with SHEA BUTTER ("Organic Body Butter" and "Sunshade") getting gritty/grainy particles?

This is not unusual and does not mean your product has gone bad.  It simply happens at times when there's a change of temperature that causes your product to soften/melt and then solidify again.  The best way to avoid this is to keep your products stored in a cool area where the temperature of the space doesn't fluctuate...which isn't easy. BUT...There's an EASY FIX you can do yourself and the grit will be gone! READY??? Transfer your product into a double boiler (for stovetop) or a glass measuring cup (for microwave). I find a silicone spatula is the best utensil to use for this.  Slowly heat your product (30 second increments in the microwave) until it's completely melted and you see no particles.  Pour your product back into the original container and put it in the refrigerator until it's solidified again (the time will vary depending on how much product you are working with).  Your product will be back to creamy in no time!


Is your shower/tub an oily, slippery mess after using any of the SCRUBS?


Rid the mess quickly by mixing 1 part DAWN dish washing liquid and 1 part DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR in a dish wand and keep it in the shower for an easy clean up!

Quick shower clean up

Is your C SERUM turning yellow(oxidizing)?


Unfortunately, this is something that ultimately cannot be avoided. BUT, you can slow down the process by keeping it refrigerated or keeping it stored in a cooler area.

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