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Under eye treatment that helps eliminate bags and aging crepey skin.

10 ml

Balm Diggity

  • Balm Diggity

    Under Eye Treatment 

    10 ml




    This amazing balm is excellent for treating under eye concerns both night and day. Rich in powerful antioxidants and high in Vitamin C, you’ll be protected against free radical damage and find an improvement in skin elasticity.  Balm Diggity has ingredients that help firm, tighten and hydrate the delicate skin of the eye area. You may even find those genetic eye bag concerns lessen and possibly eliminated.  Due to the ingredients that may help heal the skin from deep within, as the primary ingredient is easily absorbed into the skin; early signs of aging, redness and inflammation may be drastically reduced.  You’ll find that this product leaves you feeling moisturized throughout the day and overnight, without leaving you greasy and oily….no need to overuse, a teensy bit is all that’s needed.

    The benefits of Balm Diggity don’t have to be restricted to just the eye area!  You may find that it helps combat that crepey skin that comes along with aging too.  Apply on the neck area that shows signs of aging and even around your mouth to help diminish those pesky lip lines and anywhere else you may want to treat.


    Directions:  Apply this product LAST in your skin care regimen both morning and night.  Use your ring finger and swirl in tub to get just a bit on your fingertip. Gently apply under eyes from the inside corner toward the outside and extend the product to cover any areas of concern.  You’ll find you don’t need to use much and it will nicely absorb into your skin. Overuse of product may leave you looking oily.



    Ingredients:  Organic Baobab Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Carrot Seed Oil, Geranium Essential Oil




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